Language school

Our language courses are conducted by experienced teachers using modern pedagogical and didactic methods. Courses are held mainly in small groups in which succesful learning takes place in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

About Us

LinguaServe GbR was founded on 1st January 2000 as the merger of two language service providers previously operating in different cities in Southern Germany: Language Consultancy Claypole in Birkenfeld and Lenzko Language Services in Schwäbisch Hall.  Since at that time each partner was already in a position to contribute over twenty years of experience and expertise in the areas of  language training and translation, the new venture was well placed for success and has continued to expand ever since.

The LinguaServe philosophy is based on professional expertise and reliability. Our goal is to cater for all of our clients’ language needs. We provide communicative language courses, corporate language training and private coaching as well as a wide range of services in the fields of translation, interpreting, proofreading, authoring, language testing and software development.

Translation service

We have over 25 years' experience in the field of translation and project management. We translate most business documents, legal texts and technical documentation: contracts, handbooks, advertising copy, web sites and much more.


From language audits, assessment tests and customised staff development programs to industry-specific language leaning software, we offer a wide range of services to cater for your language needs. Contact us for more details.

Quality-assured translation service in conformance with DIN EN ISO 17100 Reg. No. 7U114

Your commercial, legal or technical documentation is handled by our experienced professional translators, proofreaders and researchers. In many cases our work goes far beyond mere translation since we treat each task according to the use to which the text is eventually to be put, ensuring the correct combination of high accuracy, idiomatic expression and effective communication.

Our priority is not a high throughput of translation work and a fast turnaround, but the highest quality of translation possible. All texts are translated by professional translators working into their native language and in a subject area in which they have documented expertise.

Our translation service is registered under DIN EN ISO 17100 and our internal quality assurance system ensures that each text is translated both accurately and idiomatically and is proof read by a second translator prior to delivery. Certified and notarised translations can be supplied for legal purposes and submission to public bodies and government agencies.

Language consultancy - we do more

In many cases, our clients’ requirements go beyond the norm of standard language courses and multilingual documentation and so does our range of services. We carry out language audits to establish training and documentation requirements and advise customers on all aspects of language learning and documentation. In addition to creating highly specialised coaching concepts and blended learning courses, we also provide authoring, editing, publishing and proofreading services as well as web development and media design. And the list does not end there, if you are unsure how we might help you, simply contact us to discuss your requirements.